What are your goals? Do you have a plan for how to obtain them? We are a licensed music business management and consulting agency that provides creative strategic planning and customized artist services. We are located in Northeast Florida but work with musicians all over the US. Check out our services below and let us know how we can help. We look forward to working with you!



Whether you are just beginning your journey as an artist, or have already toured the world, there should always be a plan for what’s next. Let us help you develop your road map to success. Consulting sessions are offered as one-time or ongoing, once a month, or once a week - let us know what fits your schedule. 

Artist Services

Your audience grows when people can see, hear, and get to know you as an artist. A cohesive brand, identity, logo, colors, photos, videos, social sites, and website… this is all part of the formula for building an audience and getting bookings. Let us help you develop your professional brand.


We are passionate about helping artists get paid for the music they create. The right song registration is an important step in getting paid. We provide a range of publishing and royalty administration, licensing, and synch management, so you can focus on what you do best - creating good music.


When you’re ready for someone to take the lead, we are here every step of the way. Management services include oversight of most day-to-day planning and logistics, including working with your booking agent, touring team, marketing, promotion, publishing, coordinating with your label, producer, and more.



Join us at St. John’s River State College in Orange Park for a series of workshops to help you achieve your music business goals. Whether you’re just getting started or if you are a seasoned musician, you will gain helpful tips and strategies to keep pushing towards your goals. Our partners at St. John’s River State College offer a variety of lifelong learning and community education. We are pleased to offer the following music industry focused professional development programs: 

  1. The Musician’s Forum is an open concept workshop. Each 4-week session meets once a week and is limited to 8 attendees to allow us to work through each person’s journey, together. Sign up for one session, then continue as long as you need, or come back for another session to work through another project later down the road. It’s all about you and your goals, and what you need to get there.
    • Musician’s Forum 1  - This forum is ideal for self-starter musicians and those who perform cover songs, individually or with a band.
    • Musician’s Forum 2  - This forum is ideal for seasoned musicians, songwriters, singer-songwriters, and bands who are performing their own original music.
  2. Getting Gigs is a hands-on workshop to help you develop the materials and strategies to get bookings. Each 4-week session meets once a week in the evening, or as a full-day Saturday intensive, and is limited to 12 attendees. Choose one or more of these workshops at any time, depending on which items you need to develop. 
    • Getting Gigs 1 - Branding. This workshop will help you develop your brand. Your image and brand will help to promote your project. Cohesive colors, fonts, icons, and logo - all of these items are needed to create professional looking promotional materials. 
    • Getting Gigs 2 - Promo Materials. This workshop will use a variety of technologies to help you develop the content and promotional materials needed for print and electronic promotion, including Bio, press photos, audio,  video, promo cards, and flyers.  We will develop a printable promotional card to hand out as you promote yourself or your band. When finished with this workshop, you can send your print-ready files to any print shop.
    • Getting Gigs 3 - Electronic Promo. This workshop will help you develop your EPK (electronic press kit), a professional one-page promo webpage, using the Bandzoogle platform. If you already have a website, we will help you to optimize it. *Bandzoogle requires an additional cost of $99/yr, and includes a custom domain name. We will start the class with a free trial, so do not pre-purchase it.
    • Getting Gigs 4 - Booking. Work through strategies to get the attention of talent buyers and booking agents. Attendees of this session must already have electronic and physical promo materials.
  3. Masterclass is a one-time session which will focus on a different instrument or topic of the music industry. These sessions will be led by experienced professionals to share tips, strategies, interactive instruction, and Q&A.

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